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Welcome to London JSIG

JSIG organises Java technical seminars. Membership is free and open to all; we welcome your feedback.

JSIG does not charge presenters or attendees of seminars and relies on the co-operation of the presenters and hosts to make seminars successful.
The Java Special Interest Group (JSIG) promotes awareness of Java and associated technologies by hosting Java technology seminars for Java developers and other professionals who want to:

  • Learn more about Java technologies
  • Share knowledge and experience with others
  • Find new ways of using Java technologies to benefit their businesses

JSIG are able to organise seminars at very short notice for companies visiting London or Dublin. We are very happy to help smaller companies who would like the opportunity to present their Java technology to a technical audience.

JSIG is in hibernation

We're all busy with work, life and families but hope to get back to business shortly...!

Whats New

In May we had a talk on Building distributed systems using WS-CDL and FpML from Steve Ross-Talbot.

In April we had a "round table" of Pragmatic Java Architects. It was a different JSIG in that we moved the chairs into a couple of circles and shared what we thought being an Architect was all about. It was nice to see everyone taking part.

Many thanks to Alex Blewitt and Neil Bartlett for a very informative presentation and hands-on OSGi and JSR 291 codeing session on February 15th. The slides and code are now available.

On the seminars page is a new "Register Now" button that you can use to let us know if you're planning to attend. If you have problems, mail us at


If you would like us to help you then please contact us or subscribe to the mailing list to find out about upcoming events.

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